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Committed to Quality

Go Foil warrants all products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for six months from the date of purchase by the original owner. This warranty applies to the original owner for purchases made directly from Go Foil or an authorised Go Foil dealer and is nontransferable. If the damage is due to a material or manufacturing defect, Go Foil will repair or replace the product in question. The owner is responsible for all associated shipping charges.

Go Foil reserves the right to determine if a product will be covered under warranty. Normal wear, cosmetic blemishes, and damage due to improper use, modification, negligence or transport are not covered under warranty.

Repair or replacement of any product under this Limited Warranty is not available for ordinary wear and tear, including scratches or paint chipping, or for any damage caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorised modification or repairs, accident, heat, excessive exposure to sunlight, excessive exposure to cold, improper handling, storage, maintenance or care; incorrect setup, use in commercial, rental or teaching environments; use in reef wave waves, shore break or off the water; any blow or impact with a hard object or any other irresponsible use. Surf damage is not considered a manufacturing defect. Demo equipment is not covered under warranty.

Your original invoice is your proof of purchase.

Go Foil Warranty does not cover if your foil has come in contact with the bottom and has damage on its wings. Try not to bail in front of sets as this is where your foil will take the most abuse and is not covered under our warranty policy. Taking the Maliko 200 or Maliko 280 at any time into waves will void your warranty.

Spider Cracks

Normal Wear of your Go Foil also includes cosmetic cracks close to the fuselage mast connection area, please note the picture of a Mast that is over a year old . These are due to high stress loads directly in this area. These can appear as surface tiny splits in the outside thin layer of fiberglass, fillers and/or the paints used. These are more noticeable when salt crystals dry in these “spider cracks”. These are appearing on most foils over time but will not break or cause any performance issues because of the many layers of Carbon inside this area .
In the event that your mast does break totally in this area, we will send you a new mast as a replacement as per our warranty guidelines. These cracks can be lightly sanded and repainted to make them look new again and have less chance of reappearing.

If you have any questions regarding this Limited Warranty please contact Go Foil at